New York Renaissance Faire

New York Renaissance Faire
Saturday, Oct 2, 2021 from 10:00am to 7:00pm

The entertainment at the New York Renaissance Faire spans 17 different performance areas and all the streets in between! You’ll find daredevil acrobats, soulful musicians, side-splitting comedians, three full-contact jousts, and hundreds of performers who bring the city to life!


Aaron Bonk (all season)

Aaron Bonk is a 3-time International Performance Champion, 4-time Guinness World Record setting whip artist, and unique entertainer with a twisted sense of humor who risks his life to make you laugh. His one-man variety extravaganza is in high demand at Renaissance Fairs across the country and on cruise ships around the world. You may have seen his TV appearances on Steve Harvey’s Talk Show, Game of Talents, and America’s Got Talent! With stupefying acts of juggling, whip cracking, danger, and craziness, he amuses and amazes the whole family with his Seriously Ridiculous stunt show spectacular.

Acrobatrix (Aug 28 – Oct 3)

Acrobatrix is a two-person comedy circus spectacular! Bending, flipping, and flying through the air - the show is action-packed from start to finish. They are the perfect couple, but there are only two things that can ruin this relationship: he’s one and she’s the other!

Arsene Dupin Magikhana Show (all season)

Arsene Dupin, internationally renowned Artiste of Mime, Magic, Comedy And Juggling, delights audiences worldwide. His amazing illusions and ingenious comedy win the hearts and inspire the laughter of the audience within moments!

Blackenshear the Curious (all season)

Comedy and amazing magic are what you can expect at a Blackenshear show! Entertaining and engaging for audiences of all ages, this seasoned performer and consummate entertainer will win you over with his award-winning comedy act!

Gi Shiata (all season)

Sleight of hand artist Bret Blackshear creates interactive mysteries with cards, rings, coins, thimbles, and rope.

Charry (all season)

Playing a wide mix of musical styles, Charry evokes the primitive, magical spirit of the Andes with his many indigenous folk instruments, including charango, birimbao, cuatro, pan pipes, percussion, and more!

Cirque du Sewer (all season)

You may recognize the trained rats, cats, and acro-human of Cirque du Sewer from their national and international tv appearances, including a standing ovation and multiple rounds on America’s Got Talent. But watching them live at a renaissance faire is even more thrilling because we can’t edit out when cats are jerks! Melissa combines her skills with the talents of her rescue animals, creating complicated obstacle courses for the rats, dancing with cats, and balancing upside down on a half-inch slack rope.

Combat Chess (all season)

The greatest warriors in Sterling Shire cross blades and trade blows, all for Her Majesty’s entertainment – and yours – in these rollicking contests of strategy and skill!

Presented by the NYRF Fight Guild. Don’t miss these epic battles on the Chessboard, twice daily!

The Court of Queen Elizabeth (all season)

Our beloved Sovereign, Elizabeth, has arrived in the Shire seeking romance, music, and adventure! Delight in theater, song, and banter as Her Majesty presides over the celebrations of the day. Our young guests are invited to participate in the Children’s Knighting Ceremony, held every Faire day.

The Fairies (all season)

The marvelous Fairies bring magic and wonder to Sterling Shire! The Faerie Queen and her Seelie Court reign in the deep woods of the Enchanted Forest, where their magic delights the hearts of children and adults alike. Join them for an adventure on the Kids’ Quest, or seek them out for a moment of joy.

The Freestylers of Piping (all season)

Bagpipes are so much more than Amazing Grace! Feast your ears on the creative improvisations that flow through the familiar tunes of The Freestylers of Piping and you’ll never think of pipes the same way again.

The Jackdaws (Sept 25 – Oct 3)

The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This innovative trio will have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and lyrics.

The Jousters (all season)

The Jousters have an entertainingly fresh take on a very old sport. These knights are excited to bring their fully-armored, hard-hitting, and wholly unique style of jousting to the Faire. Combined with bold attitudes and fierce competition, this is a true sport. Every lance break and shield shatter achieved is done in an authentic quest for victory!

VIP Joust Seating (all season)

Put yourself in the middle of the action with VIP Seating at the Roselawn Tournament Joust Field! Enjoy the Royal Treatment with covered seating, a bottle of water and an exclusive souvenir. Tickets are $5 per person/per Joust and may be purchased at the Information Booth in the Village Green. Seating is limited to 300 people per show. Showtimes: 12:00 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 6:00 p.m.

Jeffrey Jene (all season)

Jeffrey Jene has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years with a dazzling blend of comedy, audience participation, and super-skilled sleight of hand and illusion. Visit with Jeffrey in his realm of magic and experience the impossible!

Kathleen Finnegan, Harpist (all season)

Kathleen brings the music of the past alive with the magic of the Irish harp. In ancient tradition, music had the power to bring joy, sorrow, and peace, all of which Kathleen delights to share. Experience the beloved music of the Celtic, ancient, and classical traditions, some familiar and some that are new again.

The Langer’s Ball (Sept 11 – October 3)

The Langer’s Ball is a two-piece Irish Folk-punk band that has been writing, touring, and performing for well over a decade. Playing their own brand of traditional drinking songs and original material, their sound is harder-hitting and bigger than you’d expect it ever could be. With a thumping beat and a flurry of notes and harmonies, you’ll dash to refill your drink and cheer for more.

The Legend of Robin Hood (all season)

Heroes, like swords, are forged in fire. The villainous Sheriff of Nottingham and his Guards rule the highways and byways of the Shire with an iron fist. Are you prepared to help Robin Hood, his beloved Maid Marian, and the Merry Band of Outlaws put an end to the Sheriff’s tyranny once and for all? Follow the adventures of Robin Hood throughout the Faire day!

The Lynx Show (Sept 11 – Oct 3)

The Lynx Show is a unique blend of magic, sword swallowing, and comedy. From death-defying feats of amazement to bewildering moments that just can’t be explained, this performance is sure to thrill you. Don’t miss out and be part of the fun!

2 Noisy Knights

With the help of yarn (over 75 lbs and growing) the “Knights” give a new perspective to familiar, and some not so familiar tales. With the motto “Why just listen to a story when you can live an adventure,” they encourage their audience to be involved in the experience.

The Pride of Ireland – Matt Young (all season)

Singing songs that are Irish, and songs that wish they were Irish. The Pride of Ireland brings the mirth and magic of the Emerald Isle to Sterling Shire. Audience members are encouraged to join in the fun by shouting out requests, or drawing a card from the “Deck of Many Sings”, ensuring that you will never hear the same set twice. Combining a rich musical repertoire from toe-tapping pub songs to ballads charged with emotion, with toasts, jokes, and stories; this wandering rogue will have audiences clapping their hands and raising their glasses.

The Royal Pipers (all season)

This group, composed of the popular pipers Larry Cole, Christa Patton, and Peter Walker, perform pavannes and other precious pieces for your particular pleasure!

Shakespeare in the Shire (all season)

A delightful romp through the works of William Shakespeare, brought to life in the shaded grove of the Robin Hood Encampment at 6:00 p.m. each day. Witness some of the Bard’s best-known scenes, monologues, and sonnets creatively performed by characters of the Shire. Each weekend is a unique show, so come back and see it again and again!

Skaldvik Viking Village (all season)

As a living history Scandinavian encampment, the Skaldvik Viking Village teaches through the ancient art of storytelling and demonstration. Within the encampment, villagers can be observed cooking over an open flame, and woodworking with iron age tools – including a coal-fired kiln and a foot-powered lathe – spinning, weaving yarn, and more.

Sky Kings Falconry (all season)

Sky Kings Falconry presents an awe-inspiring, free-flying falconry and birds of prey demonstration that takes place ABOVE the audience! Feel the gust of wind rustle your hair as hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures take flight from stage to perch in this 5000-year-old “Sport of Kings.” Sky Kings is brought to you by Wildlife Revealed, a 501-c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education and preservation of our planet’s wildlife.

Supernova the Strongwoman (Sept 11 – Oct 3)

Join Supernova, the Strongwoman as she bends steel, smashes stone, and demolishes expectations. Thrill as this world-class force of nature brings her daredevil acrobatics, superhuman strength, and family-friendly comedy to the New York Renaissance Faire!

The Villagers of Sterling Shire (all season)

The Villagers fill our streets with the colorful sights and bustling sounds of 16th-century life! Whether they are dancing around the Maypole, singing a fine old tune, or just striking up a friendly conversation, they are sure to delight you on your adventure in our Shire!

Vince Conaway (all season)

Performing original, traditional, and historical music on hammered dulcimer, coupling the passion of Celtic music with the stateliness of ancient forms.

The Washing Well Wenches (all season)

The Washing Well Wenches take up residence in the Shire of Sterling to earn a living by cleaning laundry…or by marrying a wealthy man. This naughty and tempestuous twosome will win your hearts with a rollicking, laugh-filled, one-of-a-kind show!

Made for Kids!

Join the Fairies! Brave and imaginative children are invited on an interactive fantasy adventure! Help the Faerie Folk discover the magic in their home, the Enchanted Forest.  Each child receives a gift from the Fairies at the end of their quest!

30-minute Quests start at 12:30 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

Where: Sign up at the big yellow tent in the Enchanted Forest

Cost: $5 per quest/per child 

Recommended ages: 4 – 10 

Boffer Wars

Calling all Sword-Fighters-in-Training! Visiting with a young hero? Take part in the Boffer Wars Adventure! Learn sword combat from the greatest fighters in the realm, and test your skills against our trained mercenaries! Continue your quest for adventure through the Shire! Find out how at the Boffer Wars Adventure Tent. 

Boffer Wars occur throughout the day.

Where: Sign up at the big yellow tent in the Enchanted Forest

Cost: $5 per training session/per child


Adult tickets - $29.95

Child(5-12) - $13.00

Child(0-4) - Free

Senior(62)/Military - $25.95

Season Pass - $175

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