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Smoky Mountain Fiber Fair

Smoky Mountain Fiber Fair
123 Cromwell Drive

In the mountain community of Townsend, Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center is uniquely poised to become the cultural center of the region. Literally located adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Center is quickly becoming a significant destination attraction and civic asset.

Thanks to a healthy community of benefactors and motivated stakeholders, the Heritage Center is equipped with a significant menu of amenities including the galleries, Appalachian Village, Amphitheater, and land. The center’s management, Board of Directors, and volunteers are continually working to modify and grow the on-site experience to provide the richest consumer experience possible. A dynamic master planning process is on the drawing board and is guiding manageable future development.

Bound by its structure as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3), governed by a Board of Directors and managed day-to-day by a staff and volunteers — the Heritage Center will remain true to the spirit and personality of the “Quiet Side of the Smokies” in Townsend. However, the Heritage Center embraces change and our patrons can count on a new learning experience with every visit.

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